Hello Instagram, I’m New Here

Made In Our Kitchen on Instagram

When I find that one fact I was searching for or exactly the one item I saw somewhere and wanted to buy, I always say, “The Internet is a beautiful thing.”  

I’m so glad technology allows me to see some pretty awesome things. Smart phones, apps, and social media have made our lives easier. But with the good also comes the not-so-good, such as the distractions and act of over-sharing, to name a few.

As a blogger I can choose to reach as many people as possible or just a few, which is what I have done so far. Why? Well, I never wanted blogging to become a race.

I finally joined Instagram over the weekend. I didn’t think I would ever do it because a comment I heard on a podcast about a year ago almost convinced me that it was way too late to join Instagram. I thought If it was too late, then why bother? But what if I just wanted to share my pictures that don’t make it on my blog? How about doing this just for fun?

You can check out my photos here.