Cucumber with Everything!

Tomato Confiture

A few Salsas and Fish Tacos

Chicken Kebabs

Powdered Buttermilk  – The Greatest Invention

Cuban Sandwich

Manchego and Guava Grilled Cheese

 Spinach and Ricotta Fritters

Yucca Fritters

Maple Bacon

Maple Roasted Delicata Squash

Korean Pancakes


Goji Berry & White Chocolate Muffins

Midnight Cake

Feta Cheese Squares

Guava and Cream Cheese Puffs & Spinach Puffs

Fried Halloumi Cheese

Mango & Passion Fruit Ice

Dressing Up Your Toast


Carrot, Honey & Cream Cheese Sandwich

All-Purpose Ancho Spice Rub

Life Changing Crackers

Secret Ingredient Pancakes




Halibut Sandwich

Spaghetti with Parsley and Parmesan

Chicken Pesto & Mozzarella Panini

Summer Fruit Salad with Mint Sugar

Oven Roasted Parsnips

White Chocolate-Cranberry/Ginger Bark

Blood Orange Marmalade

White Chocolate-Dipped Breadsticks




Raspberry and Goat Cheese Strata

Wacky Cake

Blueberry Tarts

Mango Nectarine Cardamom Tarte Tatins

Oatmeal Strawberry Squares

Raspberry Lime Stuffed Cupcakes

Sponge Layer Cake

Lemon Curd with Berries

Mango Sorbet

Honey-Glazed Peach Tart with Mascarpone Cream

Gluten Free Raspberry Scones

Majarete – Corn and Coconut Pudding

Lemon Squares

Chocolate Chips Cookies

Blueberry & Passion Fruit Drizzle Squares

Apricot and White Chocolate Chunk Muffins

Lemon Bundt Cake

White Chocolate Mascarpone Frosting

Individual Coconut-Raspberry Pound Cakes

White Chocolate-Cranberry/Ginger Bark

Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Galician Rice Pudding – Arroz con Leche Gallego

Blueberry Sauce

Challah Bread Pudding and Caramel Sauce

Pumpkin Pie

Basic Butter Cookies


Tres Leches Cake

Polvorones – Mexican Wedding Cookies

Sticky buns with Dry Sherry Caramel 

Sweet Potato Pudding

 Dulce de Leche Cookies

Elephant Ears

Fruitcake Bars

Pumpkin Seed Brittle

Salted Chocolate Caramel Tarts

Chocolate-Dulce de Leche Fudge

Fresh Ricotta Pastries

Caramel Chocolate Matzoh Crunch

Homemade Oreos

Blueberry Tea Cake

Coconut Panna Cotta

Cherry Jam & Giveaway

Mixed Berry Hand Pies

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Warm Lemon Tart

Lime Shortbread

Blood Orange Shortbread with Chocolate




A Culinary Adventure, Las Vegas, NV

A Couple of Sweet Trips in Our Own Backyard – Scottsdale, AZ

Quiet Time




Baked Potato Skins

Chicken Empanadas

Crab Salad with Wonton Crisps

Crabmeat Stuffed Shrimp

Crispy Chicken Strips

Fried Chicken Bites – Chicharrones de Pollo

Fried Squid

Herby Cucumber Salad

Pancetta Onion Tart

Shrimp Ceviche with Fried Plantain Cups

Stuffed Potato Croquettes – Papas Rellenas


Tortilla Espanola – Spanish Omelette

Zucchini Chips

Sweet Corn Fritters




Blueberry, Mango and Ginger Fruit Salad

Iceberg Wedge with Pancetta and Buttermilk Dressing

Avocado and Peaches Salad

Kale Soup with Potato and Chorizo

Bulgur Salad with Dried Cranberries

Spring Potato Salad with Tuna

Caldo Gallego

John’s Cucumber Salad

Pomegranate & Pineapple Salad

Three Dressings – Jar Dressings

Wild Rice and Wheat Berry Salad






Morir Soñando

Cam’s Fruity Smoothie

The Tea Issue (Ginger Tea & Cinnamon Tea)

Horchata de Almendras




Twice Baked Butternut Squash

Oven Roasted Vegetables

 Spinach and Ricotta Fritters




Pancetta and Cheese Waffles

Toast with Strawberries-Mascarpone and Honey

Mixed Dried Fruit Granola

Coconut Cranberry Muffins

Blueberry Spelt Muffins

French Toast

Maple Granola with Toasted Coconut Flakes

Muesli  Bars

Goji Berry and White Chocolate Muffins

Cream Scones with Chocolate

Sweet Surprise Muffins

Pancake Mix

Muesli Bars



Spaghetti and Meatballs

Rice with Green Pigeon Peas – Arroz con Gandules Verdes

Jerk-spiced Chicken Breast

Roast Chicken

Chicken Meatloaf with Carrots

Mexican Rice

Garlic Chicken Burgers

Potato Knish

Deep Dish Pizza with Sausage

Couscous with Golden Raisins and Dried Cranberries

Caramelized Spiced Carrots with Honey & Orange

 Fettuccine with Garlic and Tomatoes

Honey Butter Biscuits




Scallion Biscuits

Challah Bread

Banana Coconut Bread with Dried Cherries

Cheddar & Chives Cupcakes





Israeli Couscous Salad with Dried Fruit & Walnuts

Apple Pockets

Horchata de Almendras

Mango & Passion Fruit Ice


Creamy Avocado with Corn

Crispy Oven Roasted Chickpeas

Mixed Berry Hand Pies (filling)

Christmas Shortbread Cookies

Lime Shortbread

Dressing Up Your Toast – Orange Mascarpone Spread


Sweet Surprise Muffins

Sautéed Zucchini with Shallots and Golden Raisins

Fried Halloumi Cheese

Three Dressings – Jar Dressings

Fettuccine with Garlic and Tomatoes


White Chocolate-Dipped Breadsticks

Blood Orange Marmalade

Couscous with Golden Raisins and Dried Cranberries

Pastry Swirls – Two Ways

Yucca Fritters

Sweet Potato Pudding

Cherry Tarts

White Chocolate Brigadeiros

Crispy Oven Roasted Chickpeas

Sweet Red Chili Sauce Chicken Patties

Homemade Dulce de Leche

Peanut Butter Cookies

Flavored Salts

Ricotta Fritters with Chocolate

Green Onion & Parsley Tuna Sandwich