Quiet Time

Quiet Time

Quiet time.

I’m not a doctor or therapist, and I don’t have any particular background that qualifies me to say this–other than my own experience–but I highly recommend fifteen to thirty minutes of quiet time every day.

My quiet time started a long time ago in my other life as a super busy and successful career woman, when I was working twelve-hour days while trying to make time for my husband, my kids and my dogs.

I don’t know how to explain this, but quiet time saved me from losing my mind.

I don’t have that crazy and insanely busy life anymore, and still I wake before everyone else, sit on my couch, give thanks, drink my coffee, and welcome the day.

I use my quiet time to drink my first cup of coffee first thing in the morning while everyone is still asleep.

This ritual helps me plan my day, gather my thoughts, and begin my day with purpose.

So wherever you are in life today, humor me and try it. I think you’ll discover the difference a few daily minutes of quiet and solitude can make.


Quiet Time