Oven Roasted Parsnips

Oven Roasted Parsnip

Oven Roasted Parsnip


Have you ever eaten a vegetable that without any other ingredients, can

taste totally different once cooked?

That’s what happens when you cook parsnip.  If you didn’t know what you were

eating you can easily get it confused with potatoes or a yucca root… or

even a mild sweet potato.


I cooked two medium parsnips in the oven yesterday and it was hard to tell

what they were.

I would say that I like it more than a regular potato… that’s how much I

like it.

I’ve always seen parsnips in the store right next to all the carrots and

root vegetables… you walk by them all the time in your supermarket, I’m

sure.  I used to just buy parsnip if I was making a bean soup called Caldo

Gallego, but now it almost seems like I want to add it to every recipe with

vegetables.  In fact, I added it to my last split pea soup and it was great!


Yes… for now… I think I’m obsessed with parsnip.



  • Two medium parsnip, peeled and cut into small pieces
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon olive oil
  • pinch of salt

Mix parsnip, oil, salt.  Use your hands to mix well.  Arrange in a baking

sheet and bake until tender and crispy, about 30 minutes.  Serve.